B2B Aviation Trading LLC

B2B Aviation Trading LLC is a Ukrainian company with a high-level service and vast experience of working in the aviation sector. We offer a full list of services for supply of aviation materials, repair and comprehensive continued airworthiness support. The enterprise cooperates exclusively with proven suppliers and agents.

We work with reliable carriers, collaborate both with courier services and with private large and small freight forwarders. The company possesses bonded warehouses in the territory of Ukraine and the EU. We pick up the cargo, consolidate and organize the timely delivery to the very doorstep of our customers.

In 2014, B2B Aviation Trading LLC was successfully certified under the quality management system in accordance with standard ISO 9001:2008 in the field of: “Supply and distribution of aviation spare parts and materials”.

The next step for the quality management system is to certify the company according to standard ISO 9001:2008, EN/AS 9120:2009.

We are proud to be a company with a European service level and a proven record of high quality delivery and client satisfaction. Our company is an authorized supplier for many well-known airlines. We are chosen due to the high-class services, swift response, presence of European warehouses and the ability of quick material delivery. We have access to global information bases of goods and services of the aviation field.

We are suppliers and provide technical support for such renown manufacturers as: Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, ATR, Embraer, Boeing, Bombardier, BAe, Dassault, Pilatus, MD, AgustaWestland, Bell Helicopters and for many other aircraft manufacturers.

Our advantages:

We organize and carry out supplies of materials with any complexity degree, irrespective of the dimensions, weight, quantity and cost of the cargo.

Individual approach – we take into account the preferences and develop the loyalty system.

Flexible settlement terms, deferred payment provided.


Broker license allows us taking on the role of an intermediary. We offer customs clearance of goods at all customs points and execution of cargoes with any type of complexity.

We provide support in emergency cases 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will accept the request, hold a consultation and lend technical support. . Our work can be performed under the AOG conditions!

The company works with different cargo types, including oversize cargoes – we perform import and export operations, delivery to repair facilities, exchange, full comprehensive support.

The certified Category A+ warehouses in European countries and Ukraine. Prompt organization and shipment of materials from the warehouse within 60 minutes with door-to-door delivery. The warehouses in Europe help us to optimize the work and minimize the time of supplies and shipments.

Quality Management System (QMS)
B2B Aviation Trading LLC has successfully undergone the certification audit of the quality management system according to standard ISO 9001:2008 in the sphere of supplying and distribution of aircraft spare parts and materials.
Global Brands:
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Supplying Goods of Trademarks:

Having a great stock and a database of almost 20,000 names, you can be sure that our company will satisfy all requirements, both for scheduled supplies and for supplying in the AOG cases. If we do not have certain names available, we are always ready to process your request, to find the missing material and ensure its delivery as soon as possible or at regular intervals.

One of our key advantages is the capacity to deliver small amounts of goods as compared to other manufacturers who usually sell only large quantities over long delivery period.

As a specialized supplier of aircraft maintenance products, B2B Aviation Trading LLC routinely reserves at the warehouse the most sought-after products in small quantities for more convenience of our customers. Using the materials of the leading global manufacturers as supply sources, we offer a quick, effective and universal solution for delivery of such goods as: glues, paints, tapes, fabrics, prepregs, honeycombs, lubricants, oils, sealants, textured coating, flooring, cleaning agents, solvents, electric wires, filters, lamps, tires and much more.

Preimpregnated fabrics (prepregs) and film glues are supplied in special packing –carbonic ice. .We control the process of supplying cargoes at all delivery stages.

3M ®
Aerodur ®
Aeroshell ®
AirTech ®
Akzo ®
Alexit ®
Algas ®
Alochrom ®
Alodine ®
Ambersil ®
Araldite ®
Bentley-Harris ®
Bolore ®
Bostik ®
BP ®
Brayco ®
Castrol ®
Cellamare Int'l ®
Chemetall (Ardrox) ®
Cytec Fiberite ®
D. Aircraft ®
Dapco ®
Dasic ®
Desothane ®
Devcon ®
Dexter ®
Dow Corning ®
Du Pont ®
Elastosil ®
Epibond ®
Epocast ®
Exxon/Mobil ®
Fibre Resin ®
Fibredux ®
Floorsil ®
GE Bayer Silicones ®
Hexcel ®
Hydromar ®
Hyjet ®
Hysol ®
Indestructible Paint ®
Isovolta ®
Kapco ®
Krytox ®
Le Joint Francaise ®
Lexan ®
Loctite ®
Lubribond ®
Magnolia ®
Mankiewicz ®
Mastinox ®
M.C.Gill ®
Molykote ®
Nyco ®
Orion ®
Permabond ®
Permacell ®
Polane ®
PPG Coatings ®
PRC DeSoto ®
Proseal ®
Raychem ®
Rhodorsil ®
Rocol ®
Royco ®
Schneller ®
Scotch ®
Scotch Brite ®
Scotch Weld ®
Semco ®
Sherwin Williams ®
Silcoset ®
Skydrol ®
Skyflex ®
Tesa ®
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WD40 ®
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