Finnair will Offer the Passengers to Weigh Themselves before the Flight


Since October 31st, Finnish airline Finnair has begun offering their passengers to weigh themselves before the departure from Helsinki Airport. Within the framework of the monthly campaign, the air carrier intends to collect the updated figures about the average weight of the passengers and their hand luggage.

Finnair plans on using these data for calculation of the loading and CG positioning of their aircraft. At present, the airline uses the average data of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as of 2009.

First, Finnair intends to capture the information on the average weight of 150 passengers, whereupon it will determine how many more clients it will need to weigh in order that the collected data acquire statistical importance.

Apart from the weight, Finnair is also going to record the information on the age of the travellers, purpose of the trip, service class and the field. It promises to save the data on an anonymous basis and to not disclose them to third parties.