April 1st is considered the day of playing tricks all around the world, including among the aviation representatives. This time, several companies at once decided to raise the mood of their clients.

On the April Fool's Day, Dubai airline Emirates introduced the variation of a three-floor giant liner APR001 with a swimming pool, game room, gym and even a park.

The Australian sub-division of Netherlands group IKEA, famous for its furniture supermarkets, announced on launch of low-coster FLIKEA in 2019, which is to make the first non-stop flight from Sweden to Australia.

The company illustrated the April fool's news with airplanes in FLIKEA livery and showed the design of the airline’s cabins, whose interior consists of the IKEA furniture. This should “reduce the weight of the airplanes and fuel consumption, which will result in bringing the ticket price down and will obviate the need of any intermediate landings”.

On April 1st, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol announced on creation of Spaceport air gateway on its base in 2030 with the aim of launching commercial space flyers into the cosmos.

“Space tourism is only a matter of time and we must be ready”, the head of Royal Schiphol Group, Jos Nijhuis, stated.

The SAS airline prepared for their passengers a special surprise on April Fool's Day. Now, all selfie fans can take a photo in their chair by pressing on a special button on the upper panel, where the attendant call button is usually placed. The ready photos will be received to one's gadget via mobile application SAS-app.