Since October 1st, American airline Delta Air Lines has permitted their passengers to exchange text messages during the flight for free using a special package of Internet access through Wi-Fi.

As noted by the air company, it will allow the onboard travellers to keep in constant touch and exchange real-time messages with their friends, relatives and colleagues on the Earth. The free Internet package provides the use of messaging applications Facebook Messenger, iMessage and WhatsApp. The passengers availing of this free service can get and send only text messages. To deliver and receive photos and videos onboard the aircraft, they will need to connect to a chargeable network access package .

According to Delta Air Lines, the new service is furnished in the airplanes fitted with the equipment from the Gogo company. Thus, the new option is available in most aircraft of the air carrier. For the routes from Ukraine, the Internet access during flights will be provided by airlines Lufthansa, Austrian and Qatar Airways on condition that the flight is made by an accordingly equipped airplane. The launch of the in-flight Internet access service has also been announced in the UIA airline.