In the Verkhovna Rada (The Supreme Council of Ukraine) proposed to introduce significant compensation to passengers in case of flight delays. width=


Parliamentary deputies of the Verkhovna Rada proposed to introduce compensation to passengers in case of long flight delays in accordance with European practice.

A bill amending the Air Code of Ukraine is registered in the Verkhovna Rada.

If the proposal will be supported by parliamentary deputies, passengers whose flights will be delayed for 3 hours or more, will have the same rights to compensation as travelers whose flights were canceled less than 14 days before departure.

Existing legislation in Ukraine with respect to compensation to cancellation flights completely repeats the EU regulation 261/2004. This regulation provides for payments to passengers, in case flights cancellation of € 250 to € 600, depending on the distance of the flight.

Case-law of courts in the EU equated flight delays of 3 hours or more to cancellations. At the same time, in Ukraine, compensation is paid by airlines only when flights are cancelled.

Earlier, against the background of numerous cancellations and delays of Charter flights in Ukraine, the Ministry of Infrastructure proposed to limit the operation of aircraft older than 20 years from next year.