Storehouse services

We offer both special, and standard conceptions of the logistic, including supply chain management, terminal service, sorting and complete set.

Storehouse services class A+ (customs-licensed storehouse, supplemental storage, open type storehouse) with big area of storage accommodation, convenient automobile limes;

Services inside the storehouse:

✓ Unloading, loading (hand-operated, mechanical);

✓ Palletizing (standard and non-standard pallets);

✓ Cell-based storage (on-the-floor storage, shelf stock, we give an opportunity to order racks for the Customer, depending on nature of cargo);

✓ Completion of orders (box-by-box, single-piece);

✓ Stickering;

✓ Shrink wrapping;

✓ Cross Docking;

✓ Administration and maintaining records of each customer;

✓ Billing and CMR for shipped goods;